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Dr. Mark Hewitt is a true crime author who travels the world in his quest for intriguing, unanswered questions and enduring mysteries. He is a chess player, a coin collector, and an award-winning public speaker.

He is the editor in chief of Radians & Inches: in search of the Zodiac, the journal dedicated to identifying the Zodiac serial killer. With California inmate Guillermo Mendez, he is the co-author of Charles Manson Behind Bars, the first Manson book from the “inside.” He has earned a BA in Theology, a Masters of Divinity in Ministry, a Masters of Business Administration, and a Doctorate of Business Administration.

Dr. Hewitt has been interviewed by, and featured through: WOR 710 (the largest talk radio station in New York City), Fox40 in Sacramento, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat,, Paranormal Zone TV, and the Globe, among many other news outlets.

Culminating his 11-year obsession with the Zodiac Serial Killer, author Mark Hewitt has published the ultimate companion books to the case.

The Zodiac has never been caught. The question remains, where did he go and why did he stop killing? Hunted: The Zodiac Murders follows the murders, letters, codes, and people involved in the mystery of the Zodiac killer, and is widely acclaimed as the most unbiased, most complete examination of the events surrounding this bizarre case. Book 2 in the series, Profiled: The Zodiac Examined goes into the psychology of the killer, and book 3, Exposed: The Zodiac Revealed narrows down the list of suspects.  

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