20 Ways to Promote Your Books

20 Ways to Promote Your Book Online

You finally wrote and published your masterpiece, and now it’s time to get the word out. The digital landscape for book promotions is ever-changing, and it can be hard to stay on top of every channel available to you as an author.

Here we’ve collected 20 tips to help you spread the word about your book and develop a fan base that will follow you through your writing career.

But don’t let these ideas overwhelm you. You don’t need to implement every single one. In fact, the best approach is to do some of these strategies expertly instead of trying to do every one and doing them haphazardly.

#1 Create a Facebook Page

If readers like your book, they should be able to “like” it, too. If you don’t create your Facebook page, a fan might make one for you, so make sure you take control of your online presence right away.

Facebook pages are a great place for fans and new readers to congregate, discuss your books, and look out for news on upcoming releases. It also helps add a personal touch, so readers can feel like they “know” you as an author.

#2 Promote Your Book With a Website

Many people have a Facebook account, but not everyone does. It’s up to you whether to make a site for your book, or a site for yourself as an author with a page about your book; the important thing is that people can find your book online.

When someone searches for you or your book, you need a robust web presence where they can browse your entire body of work, learn about series you’ve written, and even join mailing lists for promotions and news.

#3 Cultivate an Email List With a Reader Magnet

create an email list

Email marketing is a great way to connect with readers and let them know about new book releases and upcoming deals. But before you can send them these ads, you’ll need to first collect their emails.

The best way to do this is with a reader magnet. This is usually something free you offer in exchange for an email signup. For example, you can give away a few chapters of one of your best sellers, or even the entire book. You can include this magnet at the end of your books to capture existing readers. But you can also include it on the front end of your Amazon listing. That way, even if someone doesn’t buy your book, they might still signup for your free reader magnet and become a paying customer later.

#4 Do a Photo Shoot for Your Book

Once you have a physical copy of your book, try a photo shoot where your book is the model. Photograph the cover, your favorite pages, and maybe someone reading it. If you use a high-quality camera, you’ll be able to use these promotional images for the rest of your campaign.

Investing a quality cover design will pay dividends. Despite the adage not to “judge a book by its cover,” many readers will never give a book a chance if the cover design isn’t up to snuff

#5 Post Frequent Updates

Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, or a blog on your website, it’s important to stay in touch with your fans. Post frequent updates with quotes from your book, pictures, and dates when you’ll be at book signings.

And don’t be afraid to interact in the comments sections. Be realist about what you’re capable of when it comes to your time and energy, but cultivating an organic interaction with your fans from time to time can help boost your brand.

#6 Run Online Ads

Facebook, Reddit, and similar sites allow you to purchase sidebar ad space for a relatively cheap price. Make sure you choose the correct demographic, so your ads are shown to people who want to click on them.

But there are also social media ads, as well as promotional email services that will help get your book in front of readers who are actively looking for that genre/topic.

#7 Make the Most of Amazon

Utilizing Amazon to the best of your abilities will be key in getting your book into the hands of readers. Be sure you’re using keywords correctly to target the right audience and genre. When you share your book on Amazon using categories with keyword requirements, you’ll be able to access a whole segment of the Amazon categories that will optimize your book.

#8 Run a Giveaway

Giveaways are great for drumming up interest. Everyone who signs up for the contest is a potential reader. Even if they don’t win, they may still end up buying a copy.

This can also be your reader magnet to capture emails for future marketing campaigns.

#9 Write Guest Blog Posts

Try writing guest posts for blogs with an audience similar to yours. The blogger gets a free post, and you get a link to your book right at the top of the page.

#10 Start an Online Group

Both Goodreads and Facebook let you start a group discussion about your book or a related topic. This can be a great way to connect with readers and create a community centered around your writing.

#11 Hold a Virtual Book Signing

Set up a live stream for a specific date, and tell your fans well in advance. Let readers pre-order books to be signed on the live stream, and have extra copies that they can purchase while they’re watching.

#12 Read an Excerpt of Your Book

A live stream is also a good way to hold book readings for online fans. If you don’t want to go live, you can record a video to put on YouTube – and then link to on social media.

#13 Have an Email Just for Fan Mail

Your fans want to talk to you, so make sure they have a way to do so. To keep your private email private, make an address like fanmail@bookname.net. There’s no point in receiving fan mail if you never write back. Make sure to respond to Facebook wall posts too; an active presence will help build your community.

#14 Ask for Fan Photos

Once you have fans, you can ask them to help you take promotional pictures. Give a free copy of your book to whoever takes the best fan photo; you’ll be surprised at the results.

#15 Start Blogging

Your readers like your writing, and will want more of it after they finish your book. Start a blog either about your experience as a writer or about the same topic as your book, and update semi frequently.

#16 Get Your Book in Other Newsletters

If you subscribe to any newsletters that relate to your field, see if they’ll highlight your book. They already have an audience, and if you read the newsletter, you know others will too.

#17 Write a Press Release

A press release contains all the information media members need to write about your book. Have one on your website so other writers can promote for you.

#18 Be a Guest on a Podcast

Podcast listeners are also often readers. Look for a podcast you like, and see if they’ll have you on the show as a guest.

#19 Record an Audio Book

An audio recording of your book opens up your potential reader base to people who can’t or don’t have time to read physical print. If you have the budget, a professional narrator can make your book sound amazing.

#20 Make a Book Trailer

A book trailer is like a movie trailer, but for your book. Include appropriate theme music, a few lines from the book itself, and plenty of relevant imagery.

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