Poem on Motivation

Poem on Motivation
Motivation is the spark that ignites the flame,
It's the voice that whispers your name,
It's the feeling that you can't contain,
And the power that fuels your aim.

Motivation is the light that guides the way,
It's the hope that helps us to stay,
It's the courage to face another day,
And the strength to never sway.

Motivation is the key to success,
It's the power that we possess,
It's the force that helps us to progress,
And the drive that we must express.

So when you're feeling down and out,
And you're filled with fear and doubt,
Just remember what motivation's about,
And let it help you to break out.

Here are some examples of motivation:

  • Survival needs (food, shelter, clothing)
  • Accomplishment (school, career, sports, etc.)
  • Fun (partying, dancing, playing, beach, etc.)
  • Taste (food)
  • Curiosity (needing to know something)
  • Laughter (feeling uplifted)
  • Sex (dopamine release)
  • Drugs (dopamine release)

There are two different types of motivation: intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation occurs when you want to do something that satisfies you. You’re thinking of your own well-being and interests. If you care about animals, for example, intrinsic self-motivation might spur you to volunteer at a local pet shelter. Extrinsic motivation is the desire to do something for some secondary or future reward.

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