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Their Human Vessel

By Lizzy Bequin

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A dying planet. A conquered mate.

I came to this godforsaken planet to uncover a dark secret. Nothing could have prepared me for what I actually found.

Now, betrayed and stranded in an unforgiving wasteland, I can feel my life slipping away with each breath of poisonous air. Death is certain.

Until the aliens find me.

Horned warriors with glowing green eyes.

They say they will save my life. The power to do so lies within their hard, savagely muscled bodies. But if I give in to their demands, I will be changed forever. Transformed. I will become one of them.

There will be no going back.

The aliens will dominate me. They will share me. And I will bear for them an army of alien spawn to reclaim their conquered planet. It’s so wrong. So shameful. So why do I want it so badly?

I came to uncover a dark secret.

I never expected to find love.

Their Human Vessel is a standalone alien reverse harem romance novel that features no cheating and a well-deserved HEA awaiting the characters at the end of their journey.



Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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