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No Ordinary Princess

By Pamela Morsi

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Sweet and sexy, this romance set in an unusual American setting is among the best from USA Today bestselling author Pamela Morsi.

Tom Walker, a jaded Rough Rider, has a past he’d like to put behind him. What he hopes to find ahead is a short-cut to big money and social status. Princess Calhoun, daughter of oil baron King Calhoun could be exactly what he’s looking for...

Cessy sees herself as a very ordinary, capable, self-reliant woman. But there is a place in her heart that’s been secretly waiting for that one man she knows destiny will send her way...  When their eyes meet across the torch lights of a Fourth of July celebration both believe their hopes to be answered. But...

Is a man more than a handsome face? And is a woman more than the fortune she possesses?

“Her stories are gently humorous, wise and wonderful.” - Susan Elizabeth Phillips, New York Times Bestselling Author


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