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The Purest Gold: How to Work with God, Be Virtuous & Creates Miracles on Earth

By Robin Sacredfire

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There is still great wisdom to be studied from ancient spiritual texts. They show us paths to our virtues, and to our ability to discern them in others. These ancient texts also show us clear paths to God, to understand Him, and to know how can we manifest His will in our life. It is here, in this fulfillment, that we accomplish the ultimate goal as being the ability to live a prosperous and abundant life at all levels - spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual and financial. This book intends to show how, by making references to these ancient Hindu texts, and by explaining step-by-step, and in detail, how all these things can be obtained in our life.

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ISBN: 978-1677766819

Book Length: Short Story – 0-60 Pages