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The Willow Rise Six

By Alan Leuthe

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*2021 Grand Master Archive Winner
*2021 Coalition Community's Book of the Year

The West is changing. Railroads and industry have made their way to the Pacific, but in southern Montana there is still a place for outlaws, lawmen, and savages. And Willow Rise is home to Bill Daniels, a pariah willing to take any job if the money is right.

So when he gets offered riches beyond belief to retrieve something for a local official he gathers a group of outlaws up to the task, or so they think....

A preacher with a regret,
A quick draw with an addiction,
A sharpshooter with a vice,
A woman with a sorrow,
A boy haunted by his past,

Together with Bill Daniels they will make history.

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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

Alan Leuthe