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Let's Planet Together: Preserving Our Earth in Unique Ways

By Benjamin Taylor

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Time is running out! Join the green side now!

We, as the residents on this Earth, want to change, but where do we even start? Headlines are spewing about climate change and the repercussions of our habits and behavior. We have caused the Earth to suffer all these years and even in the future. What if it’s not too late to save the planet?

LET’S PLANET TOGETHER discusses the serious problems the Earth is facing right now. This includes our waste problems, climate change, pollution and so on. This book also mentions different initiatives that nations around the world are taking to help with the environment. We, as individuals can help too! It all starts with changing our little day-to-day habits.

This book will teach you to:

  • Turn trash into treasure
  • Enhance your home to be cost-effective which not only helps the planet but also your wallet
  • Save the planet one cup at a time
  • Drive into the future with a new vehicle
  • Train yourself to be more environmentally conscious
  • And More!
If you want to join the green side, now is the time to truly preserve our planet in unique ways.

Let’s work together and find ways that we can all live a greener and more sustainable in the future!


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Book Length : Novella – 60-150 Pages
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