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Shackles of Guilt

By Kris Ruhler

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He’s the boy
next door. She’s a princess. When blood and war reach their doorstep, will they
unite or be forever pushed apart?


Young and ambitious Earmon has climbed up
the ladder in Levitor city to become the Queen’s topmost advisor. He seems to
have everything he’s dreamt of but for one thing: princess Zenithia’s love.

When he witnesses an intruder inside the
city and keeps it quiet, he unwittingly unleashes a terrifying chain of events.
His friend, Turak, has an episode that results in a fracture in Levitor’s
shield, and the horde of Reavers prowling outside the city advances.

In a world of intrigue, blood, and war,
Earmon must battle for survival against savages and beasts.

His hardest trial is yet to come, and he
will have to face a choice no one should ever have to make: protect the life of
the one he loves the most at the risk of losing his own.

In the end, will he be enough to save
her and the city?

Shackles of Guilt is a page-turning
young adult sci-fi novel packed with suspense and a touch of romance and

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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

Kris Ruhler