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Crimson Born: A Young Adult Dystopian Vampire Fantasy Romance (The Crimson Accord Series Book 1)

By Amy Patrick

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Every human of adult age and sufficient health shall therefore donate, every sixty days, one pint of blood to the blood bank of his or her district, ensuring the survival of the vampire race, the continued safety of humankind, and peace between the species—Edict Fourteen of The Crimson Accord

As long as I can remember, I’ve longed for a different life—one filled with adventure, excitement, and romance. This wasn't exactly what I had in mind…

One minute I was riding in a horse-drawn buggy on my way home to my quiet Amish village— the next was torn by the screech of car tires, and twisted metal, and the white hot lance of pain. There was no doubt in my mind my life was over. So when I woke up to the face of a beautiful stranger who promised me the suffering would end soon, I thought I’d seen an angel.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Abigail Byler is caught between two worlds at the worst possible time in human/vampire history. A peace treaty signed fifty-five years ago allowed vampires to come out of hiding and begin participating in the world in a respectable, productive way.

Not only did it permanently solve supply chain issues arising from illness, death, and exhaustion for humans (Vampires make phenomenal long-haul truck drivers and night-shift workers) it also provided a much-needed non-violent option for their kind to satisfy their own nutritional needs.

As long as every healthy adult human makes regular donations to blood banks and a reasonable percentage of the supply is allotted to vampires, no one will ever be bitten (without their permission) again.

But now the anti-vamp movement in America is growing, blood donations are down, and the Accord is in danger of crumbling. Abigail will have to navigate her new place in the world--and in the beautiful but deadly Crimson Court--if she's to have any hope of surviving... and helping the human race do the same.

CRIMSON BORN is a romantic and gripping full length YA dystopian vampire fantasy that will transport fans of paranormal romance and young adult urban fantasy to a fascinating supernatural world within our own, filled with suspense, danger, sizzling tension, and desire.

***Fans of romantic vampire books like The Captive series, The Dark Stranger The Dream, and Season of the Vampire and high-stakes dystopian series like The Hunger Games will be drawn to the addicting, heart pounding excitement and suspense of Amy Patrick’s sexy, magical Crimson Series.

If you love modern, romantic vampire fiction like Crave, the Captive series, V Games, Age of Vampires, From Blood and Ash, and The Vampire Wish, you'll fall in love with the Crimson series! Perfect for fans of Tracy Wolff, Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti, Erica Stevens, I.T. Lucas, K.F. Breene, and Michelle Madow. Grab your copy today and dive into the Crimson world!


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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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