The Duke's Privateer (Devilish Dukes Book 3)

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The Duke's Privateer (Devilish Dukes Book 3)

By Amy Jarecki

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When it comes to women, the Duke of Danby is an audacious rake… but when it comes to ridding the kingdom of smugglers, he’s leading the charge. The Prince Regent has bankrupted the country more than once, and Danby isn’t about to go down with a sinking ship.
The Honorable Eleanor Kent hides behind the image of a self-proclaimed spinster… though in truth she’s one of England’s most sought-after privateers.
When their paths cross at a royal dinner… Danby suspects the stunning redheaded woman is more than she seems. He engages her to consult on a chinoiserie remodel and Eleanor gladly accepts. Indeed, she’d rather keep her enemy close where she can watch his every move. Though neither duke nor lady has a clue of how tangled the web they’re spinning will become. As the heat ratchets up, so does their unbidden attraction. Will they get burned before it’s too late to run?


Read the Devilish Dukes Series in Order

  1. Book 1: The Duke’s Fallen Angel 
  2. Book 2: The Duke’s Untamed Desire 
  3. Book 3: The Duke’s Privateer

  • ASIN: B08FKV7D3G

Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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