Love's Time: A Christian Time Travel Romance

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Love's Time: A Christian Time Travel Romance

By Crystal Mary Lindsey

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 All Too SCARY.

Can Enya deal with the stunning shock of traveling through time?

The year is 2000, and Enya Raffetty is bewildered when she receives a mysterious packet from BEYOND the GRAVE.
It sends her on a mission to learn of a secret haunting her family’s origins.

Enya travels to the spiritual OutBack town of Brolga, where her great grandfather began the family legacy. Settling in at the old family homestead, she discovers a photo album from far back in time which entices her to visit their isolated graveyard.

Enya walks up onto the hill behind the house without any care of an approaching thunderstorm. Standing in the rain, she gets struck by a bolt of lightning. In the evening of 1899, she is found unconscious by Lockland Dawson, a handsome Jackaroo landowner.
He is fascinated by this beautiful woman in her strange clothes. A nurse is hired to tend to the injured stranger at Lock’s Kooyong Homestead property. How could Enya have ended up at this time in the past? It blows her mind with the question.

Eventually, Enya needs to confess her knowledge to Lock and her nurse Linda. The knowledge is confusing to them, but it sums up her differences. Lock has fallen in love with Enya and is troubled that she will disappear in the same way she mysteriously arrived. However, Enya convinces him that there are no certainties in life. Every day must be enjoyed with trust and faith in God. As a nurse with a Ph.D., she is more advanced in her medical knowledge than the local doctor. She takes on delivering a difficult birth, making her a valued asset in the community.

Can love survive down through time? Will Enya remain in the year 1900 or will Lock travel back with her to the future? READ this AMAZING STORY?

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Book Length : Novella – 60-150 Pages

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