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Unleashed Power

By Laurie Bowler

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Amber - Revenge. Sweet, satisfying revenge.

It was the only thing that kept me going since one eventful day that separated me from the people I loved, that changed my future forever.

I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to get it but I existed then for no other reason than to give Darren Pearson and Callum Pine what they deserved.

My luck came with the arrival of one magical human, Samantha, with whom I’d open Pandora's box and travel to different worlds I only dreamed were real.

I was so close to getting what I’ve been hungry for until everything started to fall apart.

Samantha - I’ve always been a bit peculiar but I never dreamed that I’d be able to do magic. Those things were only tales made for movies that attracted the deluded.

Except, it was real.

Wasn’t it?

It all began when I was visited by a ghost who needed my help.

In trying to help her, I almost destroyed everything else.

One action threw the world off balance. I messed up. It was my fault. I released creatures from unknown dimensions into our world and they set on destroying it and making it their own.

I had to fix it if I was going to save the person I loved the most.

So, I made a deal that would later lead others to question my sanity.


Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages

Laurie Bowler