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Flame True (Bandit Brothers Book 4)

By Raleigh Damson

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She's the daughter of a Hollywood actor.
The girl they rescued.
He's the son of a tech giant.
The playboy Dom, who doesn't want commitment.
And they're perfect for each other.
Mulberry Stevens’ life changed one June night and hasn’t been the same since she was rescued by the Bandit Brothers. When a new threat emerges, Mulberry decides she isn’t staying hidden this time; her need and desire to be seen drive her choice.
Nick is a total snob and the last man she’d ever choose as boyfriend material, no matter how much sex appeal he oozes behind his glasses and from under his mop of curls. But pretending to be his girlfriend is a solution to her problem.
He views her as the spoiled little rich girl who needed rescuing -
 that one time.
Despite his grumpy to her sunshine, the heat between them starts to flare.
When discovering who is behind Mulberry’s kidnapping breaks them apart, can they trust their feelings for each other are true?

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Book Length: Novel – 150-320 Pages