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The Weapons of Woodmyst: The Woodmyst Chronicles Book IX

By Robert E Kreig

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The Maji tightens his grasp over the land. He certifies his dominion through the use of powerful and violent measures. His dark servants, his soldiers, his slaves embark on unrelenting attacks against any opposing force, leaving blood and carnage in their wake.

Alice intends to break the Maji's hold. She leads an army across the continent, intent upon taking down every stronghold that gives its allegiance to the warlock king.

Every queen, every warrior, every ship that bears the banners of the Maji have become prey for the young sorceress of Woodmyst.


Alice will use every weapon at her disposal to see victory come to pass for her people.

Cavalry riders and infantrymen from her Woodmyst and Newholt.

Dendadian navy warships from across the Eastern Sea.

Dragon riders from the realms of the Haigok.

Agrodien warriors who call her Kayl'sro. 

The power to manipulate earth, sky, death and life, granted to the sisters of her coven by the gods.

Amongst them all, her friends and family.


Will these, the weapons of Woodmyst, be enough?

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ISBN: 9780645384598

Book Length: Long Novel – 320-650 Pages