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By Tory Baker

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Mateo Cruz is used to living life on the edge.
He’s carefree, but why shouldn’t he be? He doesn’t have ties.
He’s never wanted them.
Not until Luna.
A woman with chocolate brown hair and eyes that seem to see into his soul and haunt his dreams.

He falls hard and fast for the curvy goddess.
One passion filled night in California is enough to convince Cruz that he has finally found the one.
He needs to make Luna his, completely.

Things don’t quite work and Cruz is left grieving what might have been.

Luna falls in love fast, hard and deep.
She thought Cruz was the one.
It doesn’t work out and with no way to contact him, she moves, leaving California in the past—ready to start over.

The last thing she expects is to find Cruz again and definitely not in Florida.
When Cruz finds her, he can’t believe his eyes.
Finally, he has his Luna back and this time nothing will stand in his way.

But boy, does she have a surprise in store for him.

Love can happen quick, but when the timing is wrong—Fate has to step in.

Welcome back to the world of Hot Shots. Where every book is safe, sexy, happy, and a complete standalone romance.
These over-the-top Alphas have enough sexy heat to make you think you’re sunbathing on the beach in the hot July sun. This time our hero Cruz finds his one and only, but miscommunication and wrong timing make a huge stumbling block. But don’t worry, as with every Tory book, you’re going to get a rough talking, Alpha that’s obsessively over-the-top, no drama and spicy hot goodness!

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Book Length: Novella – 60-150 Pages