Seeking the Sheriff

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Seeking the Sheriff

By Calle J. Brookes

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Trouble. She doesn’t need his kind of trouble…

The sheriff of Masterson County had always meant trouble—especially for the Tylers of Tyler Township.

The last thing Phoebe Tyler needs is the sheriff complicating her life.

She has to focus on helping her widowed father run their struggling ranch and raise her younger brothers. When the sheriff shows up with her teenage brother, Phoebe knows more problems are right behind him.

He has a job to do…

Sheriff Joel Masterson has an entire county depending on him to keep them safe.

He doesn’t need more trouble with the rabble-rousing Tylers. But once he gets a good look at the eldest Tyler daughter, things get complicated. Real complicated—real quick.

Now Joel doesn’t mind trouble—at least…not Phoebe’s kind.

But trouble has a way of finding all the Tylers sooner or later. Phoebe is no exception.

But this time the sheriff might not be enough to keep Phoebe safe, after all…



Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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