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Food Fight!: An Enemies to Lovers, Reality TV Romance

By Christine Logothetis

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She’ll have the world on a plate…if she can keep from falling for the man she hates.

Chef Charlie is thrilled to be a participant on television’s newest competition Food Fight! A win will prove her talent as well as provide a cash prize she needs to pay off the large loan on her food truck. But to Charlie’s dismay, her plans are upended when she discovers her high nemesis Drew is also a contestant.

He’s the bad boy of the culinary world, but Drew still harbors guilt for his past behavior to Charlie. However, he desperately needs to win for the competition’s prize money as well as redemption for his shady loss on another TV cooking contest. When Charlie trounces Drew in the first leg of the bout, he realizes that she is his obstacle to victory. He must find a way to make sure he wins and not her. And what better way for a player to get the competition off her game than by romancing her?

But soon Drew is falling for his mark and Charlie begins to question her mistrust of Drew. Can two people have a chance at forever when each has so much to lose?

Note: Each book in the Mouthwatering series is a standalone story with its own HEA!


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Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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