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More Than Enough (Sisters of Fire Book 1)

By Kathryn Shay

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After years of abuse, can she overcome her insecurity and put the past behind her…

Trish “Mac” Mackenzie rappels off buildings, saves kids in car accidents and carries victims out of raging fires. But her personal life is a mess. No one else, even the Sisters of Fire, knows the inner Trish, the insecure child and wounded adult, both of them abused.

When kindergarten teacher Nathan Mitchell finds himself drawn to Trish, he begins to see the woman behind the mask. And once he sees her, he’s determined to help her transform herself to the woman she was meant to become. The road to this is rocky, even dangerous with Trish’s crazed partner, but Nathan never once wavers.

Can Trish fight her way out of abuse and insecurity with the Sisters of Fire, a skilled counselor and good-guy Nathan at her side or will she condemn him and herself to misery and loneliness?

Make sure to grab this first novella in the beloved Sisters of Fire Series. As one reviewer said, “Man, this story was emotional…I could totally relate with Mac throughout. Kathryn Shay did a fantastic job at handling this topic with grace & dignity without making it seem unrealistic.” The Power of Three Blog Top 1000 Reviewers



Book Length : Novel – 150-320 Pages
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