Inner Demons

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Inner Demons

By Gloria Oliver

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It took everything from me, except revenge!

One moment I am sitting down to a cup of tea; the next, I'm on a dark street with a set of headlights coming right at me.

Not only am I not where I'm supposed to be, but I have three months of missing time. In that period, I ruined my best friend's wedding, blackmailed my boss, turned my back on my family and heritage, and worse.

I'm sure I've lost my mind until I meet Jensen White, an ex-priest who proves to me I am not insane. He shows me I was possessed by a demon—one who used and discarded me like so much garbage. Plus, it appears it did so with a purpose. So I'm tracking the thing to find out how and why it did this to me. Then I'll make the ones responsible pay!


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  • ASIN: B07SG95M3K
  • ISBN: 978-1-7339511-3-5

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