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An Awakened Life, A Journey of Transformation

An Awakened Life,...

Julie Hoyle

Religion and Spirituality, Biographies and Memoirs

Modern day parenting

Modern day parenti...

Tenny Coleman

Parenting, Teen and Young Adult



Godwin Tarhemba

History, How-To and Self Help

The Quiz Yourself Book of Ireland: A Quiz to Test Your Irishness: Around The World With Trivia Quizzes

The Quiz Yourself...

Tony Dunne

Humor, Teen and Young Adult

Words the Angel Speak

Words the Angel Sp...

Olivia Nicol

Religion and Spirituality

Legacy of Absence: Resolving the Wounds from Uninvolved Fathers In Individuals, Families, and Society

Legacy of Absence:...

Tim Olson

Parenting, How-To and Self Help

Panamá Sketches

Panamá Sketches

Warren Johnson

General Nonfiction

Reframing Negative Thinking: Transform Your Perspective, Calm Your Mind, Find Peace. (Living Your Truth Book 2)

Reframing Negative...

Zera Young

General Nonfiction, How-To and Self Help

Self-Care For Daughters Of Narcissistic Mothers

Self-Care For Daug...

Ella Lansville

General Nonfiction, How-To and Self Help

Covert Narcissist Mother

Covert Narcissist...

Ella Lansville

General Nonfiction, How-To and Self Help

Understanding and Improving Your Relationship With Food and Exercise: How to Implement Small Habits to Improve Your Diet and Exercise

Understanding and...

J W Taylor

Cookbooks and Nutrition, How-To and Self Help

Battle Rhythm: The Military Inspired Personal Planning, Discipline and Motivation Guide (The Camouflage Series)

Battle Rhythm: The...

Josh Francis

Business, How-To and Self Help

Grandpa the Cowboy: A Young Man's Journey through the American West

Grandpa the Cowboy...

Deborah L Rotman

History, Biographies and Memoirs

The Coming Golden Age Of The 21st Century

The Coming Golden...

Farkhanda Rashid

Religion and Spirituality

Church Delusions - if Jesus was the answer, why is the church such a problem?

Church Delusions -...

Brett Marshall

Religion and Spirituality, Christian Nonfiction

YOU CAN’T COMPLETE ME: But I Can! A Self-Love Story


Hayley Kaplan

Biographies and Memoirs, How-To and Self Help