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IMMORtAL_Kalika Episode 1: The Speedrunner

IMMORtAL_Kalika Ep...

Belart Wright

Dark, Cyberpunk, Technothrillers, Teen & Young Adult

The Light Reapers: Fight for a New Beginning

The Light Reapers:...

Gary Hickman

Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Military, Military

The Carter Project

The Carter Project

Kevin Herrmann

Other, Teen & Young Adult

The Lightning Tree

The Lightning Tree

Lene Fogelberg

Supernatural, Other, Dystopian, Teen & Young Adult

Dwindle: Populations Crumble, Book 1

Dwindle: Populatio...

K. A. Gandy

Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Teen & Young Adult

Plastic Girl

Plastic Girl

Jessica Maison

Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Genetic Engineering, Teen & Young Adult

War: A Drew Murphy Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

War: A Drew Murphy...

E.M. Kelly

Action & Adventure, Christian, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic

Constelis Voss Vol. 1 — Colour Theory

Constelis Voss Vol...

K. Leigh

LGBT, Dystopian, Cyberpunk

Stratton: Book Six of the Rim Chronicles

Stratton: Book Six...

Edita A Petrick

Dystopian, Space Opera, Military, Hard

The Stone Thieves and the Honourable Order of Inventors: Augmented Edition (The Fabulous Arrangement of Atoms)

The Stone Thieves...

Eddy Telviot

Other, Genetic Engineering, Teen & Young Adult

The Witches of Hant Hollow: Jonathan's Curse

The Witches of Han...

D.F. Jones

Time Travel

Animal Lab

Animal Lab

Bob Zeidman

THRILLER, Dystopian, Political

Strands of Time

Strands of Time

Kris Ruhler

Clean, Sci-Fi, Time Travel, Teen & Young Adult

Shadow's Ghost: Curse of the BlackDiamondMoon

Shadow's Ghost: Cu...

Ray and Ann Diamond

Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Time Travel, Supernatural

The Lazarus Men: A Lazarus Men Agenda (The Lazarus Men Agenda Book 1)

The Lazarus Men: A...

Christian Warren Freed

Space Opera, Other, Political, Heist



G C McGhee

Genetic Engineering

In Ora: The Land of the Superior

In Ora: The Land o...

Sotto Voce

Dystopian, Genetic Engineering, Other

Rescuers From Illur: A Dystopian Novel (Divine Land Of Illur Book 1)

Rescuers From Illu...

Cajah Reed

Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Teen & Young Adult

After the Virus

After the Virus

Simon Archer