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“Mom’s Guide” Parenting Your Teenage Daughter

“Mom’s Guide” Pare...

Tammy Cobbs

Parenting & Relationship, Motherhood

Help Me, I’m Stuck: Six proven methods to shift your mindset from self-sabotage to self-improvement

Help Me, I’m Stuck...

Vaughn Carter

Happiness, Motivation, Time Management, Stress Management

Night Should Be a Blanket: A Little Book of Love, Loss and Hope

Night Should Be a...

Derm Meadows

Happiness, Motivation, Poetry, Short reads

The Man who Murdered my Soul: Chronicle of my Trauma Bond with a Narcissist

The Man who Murder...

Gaynor Borland

Biographies & Memoirs, Long Term Relationship

Coffee and Cedar: Finding Strength from Memories

Coffee and Cedar:...

D.H. Cermeno

Biographies & Memoirs, Parenting & Relationship

Hospisophy : The Wisdom of the Hospice

Hospisophy : The W...

Danny Blorian

Happiness, Biographies & Memoirs, Religion & Spirituality, Other

The Tao of Star Trek: Finding Your Inner Self Through Outer Space

The Tao of Star Tr...

Joseph Di Lella

Space Opera, Military, Other

Critical Thinking & Logic Mastery - 3 Books In 1: How To Make Smarter Decisions, Conquer Logical Fallacies And Sharpen Your Thinking

Critical Thinking...

Thinknetic .

Other, Politics & Current Events, Business, Other

Learn More Lovemore - Toddler To Teen: Discover Practical Boundaries for Modern Parenting

Learn More Lovemor...

osman Harace

Parenting & Relationship

The First Time Dad's Pregnancy Guide: The Newly Expectant Father's Essential Handbook on Being a Knowledgeable and Supportive Partner

The First Time Dad...

Nathan Mullins

Parenting, Marriage, Health, Parenting & Relationship

The First Time Dad's Newborn Guide: How to be the Best Father and Partner During Baby's First Year

The First Time Dad...

Nathan Mullins

Parenting, Other, Parenting & Relationship, Motherhood

Your Most Amazing Day Yet: The Proven Path to a Positive Lifestyle

Your Most Amazing...

Charlie Bell

Happiness, Motivation, Religion & Spirituality, Other



Kushagra Nag

Teen & Young Adult, Careers, Time Management, Stress Management

Mastering Your Life Through Self-Coaching: The Tactical Guide to Get You to Show Up and Earn the Right to Be a Leader of Leaders

Mastering Your Lif...

Marc Hildebrand

Careers, Motivation, Business, Short reads

Personally Assured Destruction: Understand and End Self-Sabotage to Stop Overthinking, Increase Your Productivity and Overcome Self-defeating Behaviors

Personally Assured...

Damien Blake

Happiness, Health, Other, Stress Management

Waking Up To Toxic People: A Self-Reflection Workbook With Writing Prompts to Help You Recognize the Harmful Humans in Your Life (Guided Journals for Adult Survivors 1)

Waking Up To Toxic...

Neela Arnaud

Other, Parenting & Relationship, Short reads, Long Term Relationship

Brick - by - Brick: Reshape Your Thinking

Brick - by - Brick...

Shawn Singleton, II

Motivation, Business, Other

Fearless Pregnancy: Mom's Easy Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

Fearless Pregnancy...

Jeby Vega

Other, Parenting & Relationship, Motherhood

DEEP INTO THE MIND: Through the subconscious up to the unconscious, Perceive The Consciousness, Program Your Mind For Wealth, Once You Accept, The Miracle Happens


Surajit Sarkar

Religion & Spirituality, Other, Other

The 10 Week Master: How To Be An Expert In Almost Everything

The 10 Week Master...

Andrew Snowdon

Careers, Motivation, Other, Other