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Epic Books

The Dividing: The Adamic Trilogy Book 1

The Dividing: The...

Devin Downing

Urban, Epic, Dystopian, Teen & Young Adult

The Witches of Athium (The Athium Duology Book 1)

The Witches of Ath...

Kelly Depuy

Epic, Teen & Young Adult

Forged in Water and Fire

Forged in Water an...

J. Traveler Pelton

Clean, Supernatural, Epic, Post-Apocalyptic

Sanctum: Sands of Setesh

Sanctum: Sands of...

C.S. Kading

Epic, Action & Adventure

Golgotha (Remnant Trilogy Book 1)

Golgotha (Remnant...

Angela R. Watts

Dark, Epic, Teen & Young Adult

Greetings, Planet Earth!: Book One of the Jack Gripper Series - A Science Fiction Comedy

Greetings, Planet...

Steve Heiman

Epic, Humor, Space Opera

Karik's First Battle

Karik's First Batt...

Evan Oliver

Epic, Teen & Young Adult

Oja and the Parrot's Curse

Oja and the Parrot...

Leo Unadike

Epic, Action & Adventure

The Size of the Moon

The Size of the Mo...

E.J. Michaels

Contemporary, Urban, Epic, Action & Adventure

Hopeless Pocus (A Witch Cozy Paranormal Mystery #1) (Hex Falls Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series)

Hopeless Pocus (A...

Ruby Rivers


The Rise of Nicolaitanes

The Rise of Nicola...

Pam Funke

Epic, Christian, Post-Apocalyptic, Teen & Young Adult

The Song of the Sirin

The Song of the Si...

Nicholas Kotar


Midlife Curses

Midlife Curses

Christine Zane Thomas




Mimi Jean Pamfiloff


My Wicked Prince

My Wicked Prince

Molly O'Keefe


General Jack and the Battle of the Five kingdoms

General Jack and t...

David Bush

Epic, Christian, Teen & Young Adult