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True crime Books

To Live Outside The Law: Finding My Mojo (The Bolivia Trilogy Book 2)

To Live Outside Th...

Simon McCoy

True Crime, Biographies and Memoirs

CARLTON: The Final Say

CARLTON: The Final...

Carlton Leach

True Crime, Biographies and Memoirs

True crimes that shocked the world

True crimes that s...

Charles Williams

True Crime

GHOST STORIES: A Collection of the World's Scariest Haunted Locations, Paranormal Encounters, and Demonic Possessions (PARANORMAL LOCATIONS SERIES)


H.J. Tidy

History, True Crime, Religion and Spirituality, General Nonfiction

Trip To America By Liana Margiva

Trip To America By...

Liana Margiva

Crime Fiction, Literary Fiction, Thrillers, True Crime

Searching For The Sparkle: A School’s Journey Of Recovery

Searching For The...

Christan Upton

Biographies and Memoirs, True Crime

The Dyatlov Pass Mystery: NOT A Cold Case

The Dyatlov Pass M...

Henning Kuersten

True Crime

Female Killers: True Crime Stories of Murderous Women

Female Killers: Tr...

Eliza Toska

True Crime

Get Bail, Leave Jail: America’s Guide to Hiring a Bondsman, Navigating Bail Bonds, and Getting out of Custody before Trial

Get Bail, Leave Ja...

Sean Plotkin

General Nonfiction, Politics and Current Events, True Crime, How-To and Self Help

Revolution Day: A suspense and spy thriller

Revolution Day: A...

Blair Denholm

True Crime

A Dark and Bloody Ground: A True Story of Lust, Greed, and Murder in the Bluegrass State

A Dark and Bloody...

Darcy O'Brien

True Crime

Framed: An Examination of the Nancy Cooper Murder Case (True Crime)

Framed: An Examina...

Lynne Blanchard

True Crime

Kidnapping My Daughter

Kidnapping My Daug...

Rachel Jensby

True Crime

Murder at the Mansard House: A Detective David MacDonald Murder Mystery

Murder at the Mans...

Jane Mengesha

True Crime

True Tales of a Traveller: Solid Gold, Easy Action

True Tales of a Tr...

Alix Lee

Biographies and Memoirs, History, Politics and Current Events, True Crime

Al Capone: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Criminals)

Al Capone: A Life...

Hourly History

True Crime

Ted Bundy: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Serial Killers)

Ted Bundy: A Life...

Hourly History

True Crime

Charles Manson: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Criminals)

Charles Manson: A...

Hourly History

True Crime

Curbchek 2nd edition (The CurbCheK Series Book 1)

Curbchek 2nd editi...

Zach Fortier

True Crime

Spine-Chilling Murders in Des Moines

Spine-Chilling Mur...

Nick Vulich

True Crime