Meet with two of our book marketing experts to discuss marketing strategies designed specifically for one of your books.

CraveBooks Consultation

Learn From Experts

Meet for 60 minutes with Cary Bergeron and Kerrie Flanagan.

Personalized Marketing

Advice and strategies tailored to one of your books.

Increase Readers and Sales

Learn strategies to implement right away.

Time & Budget Management

Create a plan focused on your strengths, budget and time.

A good author marketing plan goes beyond just social media. It implements an author’s strengths and takes into account time and budget. During this one-hour mastermind session, you will meet with two of our book marketing experts via Zoom to discuss the strategies that make the most sense for you. During this session, we will examine what you can do to focus your efforts based on your strengths, your budget and your time. You will leave with a solid marketing plan ready to implement, which will ultimately lead to more readers and more book sales.

The coaching session will focus on one of your books, as well as provide overall strategies for building your author platform. Prior to the session, you will fill out a form regarding the book you want to discuss and your current strategies.

For example: Weekday evenings after 5:00pm PST

Price: $170 $99