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Bringing Readers and Authors Together

Are you a reader looking to discover new books? An author searching for new fans?

At CraveBooks, we strive to bring the two together, offering handpicked recommendations and unbeatable deals daily. It’s our mission to introduce readers to the books and authors they’ll love.

By choosing your favorite genres upon signup, you’ll receive a daily email offering deals on a selection of books tailored to your interests. We work with all major retailers, including Amazon’s Kindle store, Barnes & Noble’s Nook store, Apple Books, Google, Audible, iTunes and more.

Established in 2009 as an ebook daily deals site, the new CraveBooks platform was officially launched in October 2020.


Publishers, Authors, and Marketers

As our platform grows, we strive to provide you with the largest selection of marketing and promotional tools available anywhere. From our Daily Deals to custom PPC campaigns, social media, press releases and Blitz Packages, there are options for every budget level.

If you are a large author or publisher, please contact Shubhi for help getting your account customized and your books uploaded into the CraveBooks system.

Meet Our Team

CraveBooks was founded by two industry leaders, Vijay Jain and Cary Bergeron, looking to improve how readers find authors. Together they run a dedicated team from around the world to provide their customers with exactly what they need.


Berthoud, Colorado,

United States


Cary Bergeron


Cary was born and raised in New Hampshire but found himself in Colorado after an impromptu road trip with his buddy in the late 1990s and has been there ever since. After falling into the IT and tech industry, he founded a digital marketing company called Snap in Media and since then has launched and sold several start-ups. CraveBooks is his current venture and is driven by the mission of bringing authors and readers together.

Cary is married with two daughters and a cat. He enjoys travel, good movies, and a great meal. It’s rumoured he makes a mean eggs benedict.

Vijay Jain

VP of Development & Co-Founder

Vijay was born and raised in India, he now lives in San Jose with his wife and two children. His experience is in development and technology and has experiences in all areas of online development and programming.

Vijay loves gardening, hiking, and ping pong and is on the ever-elusive quest to find that perfect work/life balance.

Kerrie Flanagan

Author Relations

Kerrie lives in northern Colorado at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. She has been in the publishing industry for 20+ years as a freelance writer, author, teacher and consultant. She is passionate about helping writers achieve their dreams and being a part of the CraveBooks team allows her to that.

Kerrie is married and has three adult children. She enjoys life through traveling, camping, fly-fishing, potato chips and good wine.

Shubhi Jain

Operation Manager

Shubhi completed a post-graduate degree in Human Resources Management before joining CraveBooks over two years ago. She was a Gold Medalist in her MBA-HR program during post-grad studies and has experience working with different companies in her home country of India.

Shubhi enjoys a close-knit relationship with her family, all of whom enjoy South Indian cuisine (who doesn’t?). She’d love to travel more and explore the world.

Kanhaiya Kirad

Lead Laravel Developer

Kanhaiya came to CraveBooks with a combined total of 8 years experience in web development, codeigniter (PHP framework), Laravel (also a PHP framework), and mobile app development. He was an excellent catch, having been named Employee of the Year at his previous place of employment.

Syed Aqeeq Abbas

Laravel Developer

Syed has 7 years experience as a PHP developer. He handles Laravel and WordPress development with our lead developer Kanhaiya. He has completed his BS in Software Engineering from COMSATS University in Islamabad, Pakistan.

His hobbies include traveling, writing exceptional code and being a sharp dresser!

Julie Matlin


Julie is a freelance writer based in Montreal, Quebec who is raising three children, ages 14, 16, and 48, and two dogs. She has a strong background in web writing, SEO, and digital marketing in addition to a solid portfolio of published pieces in publications like The New York Times, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, and The Globe and Mail.

She has a strong affinity for naps and the music of Jack White.

Kurt Steinert

Press Releases

Kurt grew up in the Philadelphia area and is a life-long readers with a taste for SciFi, fantasy, and espionage fiction. Now living on a rural farm in Vermont with his wife and kids, Kurt prides himself on maintain a career in tech marketing while still being able to raise a small flock of chickens, some sheep, two cats, and a dog.

If you find yourself in the area, you might spot Kurt tooling about in his bright orange, 27-horsepower Kubota tractor.

Kshitij Singh

Marketing VA

Kshitij is a talented and well-rounded professional with a strong background in marketing. Currently serving as the CMO in a manufacturing Industry. In addition to his MBA in Marketing, he has also completed courses in digital marketing and social media management, demonstrating his commitment to staying current with industry trends and technology.



Mario Sebastian

Internet Research

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