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  • Janet Reedman

    Promo did very well

    Janet Reedman United Kingdom

    27 Nov 2023

  • Jean Luntz

    They are the best promotions for your book on social media and beyond

    Jean Luntz

    27 Nov 2023

  • Andrea Yuen

    I've always had good experiences with CraveBooks.

    Andrea Yuen Canada

    18 Nov 2023

  • Dr. Andrew C S Koh

    Jumped to Amazon's number 1 bestseller!

    Dr. Andrew C S Koh Malaysia

    31 Jul 2023

  • Kevin Neal

    Christina's promotion provided a very thorough examination of my book and received almost 600 likes so far. I am very pleased with this promotion.

    Kevin Neal United States

    08 Jul 2023

  • Constance Ruth Clark

    Every time I use them I gain hundreds of new subscribers for my newsletter!

    Constance Ruth Clark United States

    25 Nov 2022

  • Rachel K. Stone

    Worked well and helped me sell more books for the day.

    Rachel K. Stone United States

    30 Oct 2023

  • Liz Archer

    Great service, aggregating all these different promo services. Love it!

    Liz Archer

    26 Oct 2023

  • Rachel K. Stone

    This one worked well for me.

    Rachel K. Stone United States

    26 Oct 2023

  • Michelle Romano


    Michelle Romano United States

    26 Oct 2023

  • Marquis Jackson

    great site

    Marquis Jackson

    26 Oct 2023

  • Glori Medina

    Promo Stacking made super easy. So appreciate your service!

    Glori Medina United States

    13 Oct 2023

  • Stephen Robert Cass

    CraveBooks knows what they're doing. This was easy.

    Stephen Robert Cass United States

    11 Oct 2023

  • Ann Zachariah


    Ann Zachariah United States

    11 Oct 2023

  • Lev Mikulitski

    Cool experience

    Lev Mikulitski

    02 Oct 2023

  • Denise Bruneau

    Easy to use!

    Denise Bruneau

    02 Oct 2023

  • Debbie Seagle

    So EASY!

    Debbie Seagle United States

    19 Sep 2023

  • Nicholas Aragon

    I am always looking to promote my children's books and this makes it easy.

    Nicholas Aragon United States

    19 Sep 2023

  • TrendSetters Press, LLC

    This is an easy and economical way to promote your books to wide audiences.

    TrendSetters Press, LLC United States

    31 Aug 2023

  • Gary Baysinger


    Gary Baysinger

    26 Aug 2023

  • Robert E Kreig

    Excellent results

    Robert E Kreig Australia

    26 Aug 2023

  • Cameron McVey

    So simple. It's great.

    Cameron McVey United States

    20 Aug 2023

  • Anne Mortensen

    Easy work through to a fantastic promo site.

    Anne Mortensen United Kingdom

    10 Aug 2023

  • Serenity Raine

    Love the speed and availability

    Serenity Raine United States

    08 Aug 2023

  • Lavender Skye

    Excellent site for promoting and marketing your book(s).

    Lavender Skye United States

    03 Aug 2023

  • Charlotte Zang

    Excellent ease of use, transparency, and so many options for authors to utilize.

    Charlotte Zang United States

    03 Aug 2023

  • E.S. Magill

    I love CraveBooks! Great books. Great service. Reader and Author friendly. Keep up the great work.

    E.S. Magill United States

    03 Aug 2023

  • Cheryl Burman

    Clear and easy

    Cheryl Burman

    03 Aug 2023

  • Juliane Weber

    CraveBooks is easy to use and offers a range of promotions for a range of budgets. A great service for authors that also gets results!

    Juliane Weber Germany

    02 Aug 2023

  • Roux Cantrell

    CraveBooks makes promoting books a breeze.

    Roux Cantrell United States

    31 Jul 2023

  • Nick Haskins

    CraveBooks is an excellent resource for indie writers and self-published books.

    Nick Haskins United States

    28 Jul 2023

  • Sloane McClain

    I had a very good first experience with Crave Books. I can't wait to see what happens this time.

    Sloane McClain United States

    28 Jul 2023

  • Nate Wagner

    easy peasy

    Nate Wagner United States

    25 Jul 2023