If you are looking for comprehensive book marketing services, you have come to the right place. CraveBooks offers a robust author advertising platform to help you promote books across dozens of different channels. Simply create a free account, upload your book information and then select the promotions and the days you want to run them. We'll handle the rest. It really is that simple.

Below are the book promotion services, book marketing tools and advertising opportunities available to you as an author or publisher. After you create an account and complete your profile, head over to our "Smart Promotion" section to get started.

Here is a list of all of our book marketing services with a brief explanation of each. If you have questions don't hesitate to reach out to us using our contact form or ticketing system once your account is active.

Here Is A Complete List Of The Book Marketing Services Available On Our Platform

Daily Deal Promotions


Daily deal promotions can be a quick way to get a boost in your book sales. Our platform is connected to 17+ of the industries leading daily newsletter deal sites. Select the email list you want to participate in, the genre and we will make it happen.

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Daily Deal Promotions Range From $12 - $250

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Coaching Mastermind Sessions


A good author marketing plan goes beyond just social media. It implements an author’s strengths and takes into account time and budget. During this one-hour mastermind session, you will meet with two of our book marketing experts via Zoom to discuss the strategies that make the most sense for you. During this session, we will examine what you can do to focus your efforts based on your strengths, your budget and your time. You will leave with a solid marketing plan ready to implement, which will ultimately lead to more readers and more book sales.

The coaching session will focus on one of your books, as well as provide overall strategies for building your author platform. Prior to the session, you will fill out a form regarding the book you want to discuss and your current strategies. 

Cost:  $170

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We are in the process of creating more options based on where you are in your author career. We understand that not everyone is in a place to invest large amounts of money into their book marketing. 

Because of this, it is important to us to provide you with a variety of choices that can fit into your budget and for those further along in their career opportunities to expand your reach. In August we plan to roll out our 3 levels of membership. There will always be a free level that allows authors access to certain areas of the site. At the higher levels, there will be discounts, special opportunities, and more options not available at the free level. 

As soon as we finalize these levels we will send out information to all our Crave Books authors, giving you all the chance to take advantage of these memberships first.

You can reserve your spot now. You are under no obligation by clicking this, but it lets us know you are interested so we can send you more information when this launches.

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Social Media Promotions - From $5 - $500


Looking for ways to promote a book on social media, this is it! Using our social media channels we can create campaigns geared to a specific target reader or an obscure niche with specific age groups and demographics. Whatever your social media needs are, we have you covered.

Facebook - With our custom Facebook PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns we start by creating a look-a-like audience based on our most engaged readers. We then have Facebook create a custom audience of up to 2+ million look-a-like readers. Finally, we filter these readers buy your book genre so only readers most likely to click on the ad will see it. 

Twitter - We can reach over 300,000 readers on Twitter and have options that meet everyone’s budget. Only want a couple tweets? We can do that. Looking for a bunch of tweets each day for 30 days? We can handle that as well. Get started by reviewing our Twitter promotions here!

Instagram - Struggling to get traction on your Instagram account? Buy one of our Instagram promotions where we have the followers and systems in place to make your life easy? Ready to get started?

Social Media Promotions Range From $5 - $500

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Group Book Giveaways


This is the best way to build your email list without spending thousands of dollars on Facebook, Google, or other PPC (pay per click) ads. We gather together 6-12 authors of the same genre who are willing to give away three copies of their eBook. We then create a landing page and a custom Facebook campaign targeting readers to sign up for the giveaway (see here). When readers sign up, they agree to be contacted by the authors in the giveaway promotion.

Once the giveaway ends, we select three winners and distribute the books to those winners. The CSV file with all the reader’s email addresses is attached to the giveaway promotion on your account dashboard. Just download the emails into your newsletter program to add these new readers to your list. 

To check genre availability and for more information on how the giveaways work, visit our Group Giveaway page!

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Book Blog Network

We have over 21 sites in our blog network. Our book blog network is designed to drive organic search traffic (Google, Yahoo MS) to your book, website and social pages. For every promotion you run we not only build links from our network to your properties, we keep them there and they get better with age. Search engine optimization is key to long term success of your author name and/or brand. With our network of blog sites, you can have various links from many different websites.

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Banner Advertising

Get your romance book in front of new readers with a banner ad you design or one featuring your book cover.  The banner will appear on the daily deal pages of three different websites, plus others.  This is how your banner or book will look when you purchase this book promotion (view sample).

Prices: $75+
Genres: All Romance Only

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Feature Author Spots

As a featured author your profile and a book of your choice will be displayed across three different websites. Your featured spot will include your name, headshot, (view sample) social links, newsletter signup, website, book cover, and more.

Prices: $29+

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How About Some Free Exposure For You And Your Books?

Below are some ways you can get free exposure and traffic for your books.

Create A Free Account

We have free (and premium) accounts for any author or publisher to create. When you create your account you can customize your profile, load up your books and series and complete a free author interview.

Benefits of your free account includes:

  • Your profile will appear in our authors database.
  • Readers have the ability to follow your profile and rate your books.
  • Connect with more readers by completing the free author interview.
  • You get free organic traffic for just creating your profile.
  • Add your book to the book store to increase sales.

Free 30 Minute Platform Demo

Learn how to get the most out of the Crave Books platform with a free 30-minute demo with a Crave Books team member. Use the link below and select a date and time that works best for you. The session can be recorded and you will be given a download link for future reference.

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Social Media Management For Authors


Your dedicated social media specialist will work one-on-one with you to create an in-depth social media plan that uses custom content, specially branded graphics, and current trends to build your brand and expand your audience.

After an initial audit of your chosen social accounts, our specialist will create goals based on the author's current needs that promote overall growth and engagment. Social platforms that can be curated for you are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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