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TrendSetters Press, LLC was founded in March 2023. The first author we have signed is Piper Duvall. Piper is a dynamic storyteller of contemporary romance with added action and adventure. Her books are available on Amazon. A few words from Piper: I live in the gorgeous foothills of North Carolina with my blue heeler Dixie, who enjoys howling at TV commercials she loathes. She also has another charming asset: non-stop gas. Not sure if it’s a blue heeler thing or not! My mom claims that I was born with both small hands wrapped around a romance novel. That is stranger than you might think because for the past too-many-years-to-mention I’ve written thrillers! Then I happened to fall over a brilliant romance publisher. Next thing I knew, I was writing about falling in love (including the psychology behind a first kiss) and steamy sex scenes. I may or may not have written a paranormal romance about vampires getting it on. Totally different from humans, I might add. We’re talking hotel rooms that would have looked better if a rock star had stayed there! Might as well be a romance writer. Look at my latest photo: I tend to go through men like tissues after a sneeze attack. So yeah, I’m a pro because, uh, I’ve done a lot (all) of what I write about. And I haven’t even scratched the surface! Want some more weekly fun in your inbox? Subscribe to my newsletter: