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Morgan Cassen writes Lesbian Romance. Her mission is to make the world safer for the telling of sapphic stories. Yes, she knows that there are millions of romance writers and billions of romance novels. Why would she even think of adding to the pile? Well, Morgan has seen enough to know that the truly interesting stories are not what happens between human beings. That gig can seem mechanical and unemotional — and better shelved in the action and thriller category, at least compared to its older, tempestuous sister. Let's bring out Ms. Inner Conflict, the queen of all drama in the human world -- the ruler of the emotional map. This is the conflict between everything you've worked for and everything your heart desires. You never imagined that all that hard work you put in over the years would put you increasingly far from everything your heart really wanted. Also, how about the conflict between the past and the future? Being true to the past would require you to push the future so far away from the present. But how long can you postpone the future? What if your whole framing of the past can't stand the scrutiny of thoughtful analysis today even as you resolutely keep the future out of your mental horizon? Huh, what do you do with that kind of conflict? The conflict between human beings can look so . . . what’s the word? Tame? Yes, tame compared to the real thing: conflict between you and you. You are the hero and villain at the same time, but the nub of the problem is that the villain thinks she is the hero, while the hero is all caught up in doubt and indecision. Which you will you choose when nobody else will make that choice for you? You get to make that choice, and your comforting, trusty friend — procrastination — has indicated that help is running late. The time has finally come for you to choose. See, inner conflict is where it's at. Inner conflict in regular people living ordinary lives is what Morgan writes about in her books. Well, that’s only half the story, so here’s a more accurate sentence: Morgan writes about ordinary people living ordinary lives and finding life-changing love that will help them grow as humans. Fair warning: there are no perfect people in Morgan’s books. These are lovable, kind, generous people with strong moral purpose. However, all these wonderful qualities sometimes (ok, often) come with quite a lot of maddening qualities as well, like being thick-headed and thin-skinned, clear in purpose but clueless in strategy, ready to fight the world for a cause, and unwilling to draw boundaries. Also, there are no billionaires here to rescue damsels from predicaments, nor are there any vampires to connect us to other words. Perhaps the only thing extraordinary is that ordinary people can relate to these characters. And that is all the motivation Morgan needs to keep on writing. Please join her as she writes the stories of breakup and love that tug at heartstrings. Stalk the author using this link: www.mtcassen.com