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TrendSetters Press, LLC was founded in March 2023. The first author we have signed is Piper Duvall. Piper is a dynamic storyteller of contemporary romance with added action and suspense. In October 2023 we signed Ms. Marlee Finn to join our Contemporary Romance writers.
The Playboy’s Fake Fiancée : A Second Chance Romance

The Playboy’s Fake Fiancée : A Second Chance Romance

Great. The ultimate playboy heartbreaker is back in town. This I know because half of my broken heart left town with him. This can go wrong in so many ways… Caine Nikolaidis haunts my dreams with memories of those ice-blue eyes boring into mine during toe-curling kisses. While in town, he needs my help. I know it’s a bad idea, even so, I agree. As much as I hate him, I still love him. That spark is still there and begins to burn brighter as our passions erupt in a flurry of clothes, hands, and naked skin. As much as I want him, someone else wants me and is willing to kill Caine to get me. Can I protect the man I love and still protect my heart?