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Eddy Telviot

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Encumbered with a very common name, David writes as Eddy Telviot, which is an anagram of his children's names. They love it!

Shelving ambitions in Biochemistry and Genetics for another day, he chose to pursue a career in technology and channelled his penchant for science into the realm of fiction.

David is currently working on book two in the series, The Tricky Devils and the Adams Atom, an audio book of The Stone Thieves and the graphic novel of The CruciBowl with his Aussie bestie, Holly.

He's concocting a gin (The Fabulous Arrangement of Botanical Atoms), as well as an exciting collaboration with visionary Hollywood Director, Neill Blomkamp and Oscar nominated screenwriter, Terri Tatchell. The first part of the project has yielded an Augmented Reality edition of The Stone Thieves using the concept art from the project. There is certainly a lot going on in the Fabulous Atomverse, so join us online @fabtoms or find out more at www.fabulousatoms.com