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Sir Abdel Baba is a non-formal education advocate who dedicated his nights and days to bringing knowledge and simple sciences from schools and universities and gathering a heritage of success-making lessons and experiences from big names to be treated and delivered in the simplest, best-organized and most practical manner within easy-to-follow pieces of content.
Mr Baba sees Personal Success in the best possible combination of Physical Wellness, Financial Independence, and Effective Social Skills, each of which he believes can only be attained through self-acquired knowledge and its best application in everyday life.
Sir Baba founded Thrive2Survive for the sake of the fulfilment of that objective, on which he embarked by authoring and publishing ''All It Takes To Be Healthy: The Simple Science of Maintaining, Improving, and Elevating Health&Fitness That Everyone Should Know'' in cooperation with his chosen team of experts:
* Abby Black, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with 18+ years of experience in the field.
* Dr Bahareh Moushtag, a licenced Naturopathic Doctor.
* Dr Assia Megnounif, a Clinical Professor and Medical Doctor since 2004.