Alyson Reid-Larade

Member Since: 07/2022


Alyson Reid-Larade is a mom and an award-winning high school teacher (now guidance counselor) who has been teaching and coaching teens for over 20 years. She is also a student of the Neufeld Institute of Developmental Science, bridging Neuroscience, Psychology, and behaviour.

Her subject specialties include Science, Biology, Physical Education, Outdoor Education, and Special Education.

Alyson is passionate about helping teens, and helping parents understand their teens better. For 20 years, she has been able to reach struggling teens and help them recover from a few bad choices, or the hand that life had dealt them, and help them rebuild their resilience and self-esteem, help them feel better, and get them back on track.

Her high school students have always appreciated her style of treating them like the adults they are becoming, and they are one of the reasons she became an author. How to Be Your Own Hero – The Teenager’s Toolkit for Building Self-Esteem was written by request. It is the product of 10 years of hard work in the late hours of the night. She produced this book because after using the material in class with her students, over and over again, they asked her to.