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Amadeus grew up in the 80s and has a diverse background spanning film, TV and radio, the military, electrical engineering, robotics, quantum mechanics, aviation, and elementary school teaching. Amadeus’s heroes include Sadako Sasaki (12-year-old Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Victim), Stephen Hawking (British Theoretical physicist), Christopher Reeve (American actor, director, and activist), and his mom. He is an advocate of The Sadako Legacy NPO for the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Amadeus believes in never giving up and pursuing your dreams. In 2019, Amadeus fulfilled a lifelong dream and met with Sadako’s brother Masahiro Sasaki to clean and lay flowers on Sadako’s tomb in Fukuoka, Japan. Which is considered a great honor. When not teaching elementary school English and electronics, Amadeus enjoys writing stories and watching fantasy, comedy and science fiction movies.

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