Andie Andrews

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Andie Andrews is an equestrian, equine massage therapist, novelist, screenwriter, blogger, and cowgirl poet specializing in romance, horse tales, and Christian fiction. While conducting research for a screenplay featuring horses, she accidentally discovered the pleasures and perils of horseback riding and a passion for writing about her soul-stirring equine adventures. The subsequent, best-selling novel, Ephemeral (forerunner to Eternal), told from the viewpoint of a quirky, old cow horse as inspired by her own Quarter Horse received a Winnie Award at the 2019 EQUUS Film & Arts Fest, as did the original screenplay that inspired her sideways journey from suburban NJ to a hobby farm in Middle Tennessee. There, she homesteads with her favorite farmhand-husband, Ed, recently raised up a beautiful bay roan foal, and added two ponies and a mini to the farm family—which also includes a flock of hens and a gregarious Golden Retriever. When she’s not writing, Andie can be found kicking up dust while dancing with horses, tending gardens, chasing chickens, mending fences, sweeping the barn aisle, feeding her family, and finding 101 uses for baling twine around the farm.