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Andrea Hemmer is one of the most exciting, successful, and intellectual new leaders in the Salon and Beauty Industry. 

Just as the economy was crashing in 2008, Andrea opened the Boise location of Lunatic Fringe. The salon thrived because of her deep curiosity and thoughtful study of neuroscience related to human behavior. What she discovered, was the success of the salon hinged on the emotional intelligence of the leadership as much as it did on the bottom line.

Andrea infused her neuroscience training in her every day interactions with her stylists. This thoughtful study of those around her helped her learn what actions strengthened the culture of the workplace, and the individuals as well. It was her commitment to open communication that made the largest impact on the salon. Andrea started each work day at the salon the same way, with a daily huddle. 

Andrea now focuses on supporting other businesses and team leaders to implement her communication tools and systems in their own environment. Her program centers on building a foundation of self-awareness, mindfulness, and inner-evaluation to have the ability to adapt and pivot through rapid change. Andrea’s gift for mentorship and her unique blending of neuroscience, mindfulness, and spirituality led her to create the groundbreaking program, Intelligent Huddles™.