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Andrew Salmon has won several awards for his Sherlock Holmes stories and has been nominated for the Ellis, Pulp Ark, Pulp Factory and New Pulp Awards. He lives and writes in Vancouver, BC. His novels include: Fight Card Sherlock Holmes: Work Capitol, Blood to the Bone and A Congression of Pallbearers (collected in the Fight Card Sherlock Holmes Omnibus) The Dark Land, The Light Of Men, and Ghost Squad: Rise of the Black Legion (with Ron Fortier) and his first children's book, Wandering Webber. His work has also appeared in numerous anthologies covering multiple genres. His tales from the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective series were collected in Sherlock Holmes Investigates. Ace of Devils, the second novel in the Eby Stokes series featuring the female pugilist turned Special Branch agent, is out now and he’s working on the third book as well as a myriad of other projects.