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Angee Costa is known for her diverse contributions in the publishing industry and her captivating writing style. As the CEO of 846 Publishing Company, she has spearheaded the publication of over 300 titles, showcasing her expertise across various genres. With a remarkable track record, Angee's publishing company boasts several Amazon best-sellers, a testament to her keen eye for exceptional literature. Beyond her role as a publisher, Angee is also an accomplished author in her own right. Her literary repertoire spans young adult fantasy, children's books, and insightful self-help works. Her latest creation, "Incurable Positivity," has skyrocketed to success as an Amazon New Release Best-seller, resonating with readers seeking inspiration and personal growth. Angee's unique touch can be found in each of her books, as she infuses them with insight and wit. As a seasoned humorist, she ensures that readers are treated to delightful comedic elements throughout her works, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to the reading experience. Angee Costa's "846 Book Experience" breathes new life into children's literature, blending the joy of reading with hands-on exploration and imaginative play. By bringing the characters to life beyond the pages, Angee empowers children to actively participate in the storytelling process, making the experience more immersive, memorable, and personal. Through this endeavor, she aims to inspire a love for reading, spark curiosity about the world, and foster