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I graduated from the prestigious United States Military Academy (West Point) in the late 80s. Tony started his journey by serving his country as a 1st Lieutenant, Airborne Ranger Infantryman during the 1st Gulf War and Somalian Conflict. After leaving the military, I seamlessly transitioned into the corporate world in industry giants like Nestle, The Dial Corporation, Roche Pharmaceuticals, and AmerisourceBergen. Today, my mission has evolved. Through my business, Dao Concepts, I try and impart life lessons to others, teaching the transformative powers of Tai Chi, Meditation, Self-Defense, and through my publishing efforts. All of my books seamlessly weaves Tai Chi Chuan into their core, untangling the intricacies of this ancient art form to impart invaluable life lessons. By published books are "Decisive Leadership", "Trinity - The Awakening" (Book 1 of 4), and "Trinity = The Search" (Book 2 of 4).