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Anthony Ordille was born to a mother who loved God and was faithful to the church. She had led him, three brothers, and two sisters to God, which helped him in his later years. After attending a Christian school, he finished high school at a public school, where he graduated in 1976. In Mr. Ordille's teen years, he walked away from serving God, became rebellious and hateful, and took a destructive path by doing things he is not proud of.

Ordille was living a life filled with alcohol, drugs, lying, cheating, stealing, adulterous acts, rock-n-roll, and basically a destructive lifestyle. Throughout the more than sixteen years of this type of living, some of the choices of drugs were: marijuana, speed, LSD, smoking crack, cocaine, shooting heroin, and just about anything else in between. Drinking beer and hard liquor sometimes from the time he got up to the time he passed out for days on end. Anthony battled an addiction until he was thirty-two. That is when he entered into 12-step programs to help him with recovery. At forty-one, he struggled with alcohol again for almost a year until he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ.

After turning his life around, Mr. Ordille completed the Associate Degree Program in Christian Studies, The Bachelor’s Degree Program in Church Ministry. He completed all his certifications to be a Licensed Minister through The Sure Foundation Fellowship. On March 18, 2013, he was ordained in the Deacon Ministry at Gateway Church, Southlake, Texas.

In 2013 Anthony published An Injection of Faith: One Addicts Journey to Deliverance, sharing his testimony about his life. Today he has been set free from addictive behaviors and wants the world to know that there is freedom when you allow God to take control.

In 2016 he released 12 Steps to an Addictive Free Life and 12 Steps to an Addictive Free Life Workbook, which is an introduction to the program AFL, Addictive Free Life.

In 2021 released My Daily Scriptures: A Day-by-Day Bible Reading Guide.

In 2022 released his newest book Breaking the Chains of Addiction: An Introduction to Addiction-Free Life.

In 2023 released Overcome Addiction by God's Grace: 12-Steps to Freedom, a revised title for the AFL program with added chapters.

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