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Apple An grew up during China’s Cultural Revolution and came to the US in her 20s. She is a professor at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York. She writes short stories and books about her life and those of people she knows. Her goal is to enrich Asian American cultural heritage and history and to enhance cultural understanding and acceptance among all people. Her debut book, "Las Crosses: An Unwavering Journey to a New Life in America," was published in 2023. It is a finalist for the "Women's Non-Fiction" and "Multicultural Non-Fiction" awards at The 10th Annual IAN Book of the Year Awards. On the personal level, Apple is the mother and guardian of five children. She raises chickens for organic eggs and grows organic vegetables, all in her backyard. She is a USTA-rated tennis player and an award-winning amateur ballroom dancer. She loves hiking, traveling, movies, concerts, and cultural events. Apple reads and listens to books as much as she can.