Audrey Fitzgerald

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Audrey Fitzgerald was born in Frankfurt, Germany, and grew up on the island of Maui in Hawaii. She's been interested in wellbeing and fitness since she was a teenager, and In 2001, she started studying alignment-based yoga and became a yoga, meditation, and movement teacher. She was also trained as a professional chef around the same time and founded a natural foods personal chef and catering company. She then began a wellness lifestyle coaching company that focused on a body-mind-spirit approach to wellbeing.

She hopes that this book will empower older seniors to remain fit and active and feel their best as they get older. She was able to teach her own mother yoga at age 60 and her mother still does yoga (and plays ping pong!) at age 80. She wants to empower seniors to live their optimal life through healthy movement. Audrey is passionate about teaching people healthy strategies and modalities and wants to help as many people as possible!