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B.C. is a native Californian who loves to travel, write, and learn languages. While teaching English overseas, his goal became to write books that would be engaging for kids and also spread the message of positive thinking. When B.C. isn’t traveling around the world, you can find him hanging out with his family in Southern California.

The Best Worst Day Ever

The Best Worst Day Ever

A FUN “What happens next?” story about:

A normally happy little girl who is having a day full of ups and downs. As each “awful” event leads to something amazing, she wonders if today has been the worst day ever, or the best day ever.

Teach kids to be grateful and say:

“I can’t believe that really happened to me. But… I’m glad it happened because it led me to something amazing!”

Find a hidden smile on each page :)

Children and parents will love this book because they can relate to each situation.