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Billy Greer

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A true student of the pop culture sphere, Greer has been absorbing just about every form of media from a young age, turning them into a churning, polychromatic fuel for the squishy word processor he calls a brain. His love for literature blossomed from the stories his mother read him as a child and grew from there at an accelerated rate. Whether it's legendary novels like Blood Meridian, Fight Club or American Gods, Edgar Allen Poe’s oeuvre, movies, anime, folklore, or even videogames, he’s not afraid to curate favored elements from the unlikeliest sources. In fact, this varied artistic appetite has led to Billy’s personal writing philosophy: to create unapologetic genre fiction with a literary level of craft and an experimental ethos. While there isn’t a particular genre he focuses on, some of his favorites are Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Western and Crime. Either way, if you’re in the mood for something a few steps outside the ordinary, Greer might be an author worth getting to know!