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Boca Raton, Florida

Are you tired of "being stuck" in your business, dreaming one day you would double your business in a year but never making it happen or knowing how?

In this book, you will discover:

How to build a 3-year Goal that is closest to your 25-year Goal: Big picture thinking and imagination to go above and beyond what you thought was possible. 

How to get to your 3-year goal in One Year: Questions to make you think, integrate and execute the big and small, and make you feel that you can really attain your 3-year goal in a year. 

How to double with a lean team while building additional revenue streams in your business. 

Four proven "leap" strategies and dozens of thinking tools you can use to double your profits and make a meaningful positive transformation in your business. 

The only three ways to build your dream come true organization chart that makes financial sense to you. 

Building A Pioneer turns aspiring entrepreneurs into sustainable pioneers. 

Unlock The Pioneers Platform today. 

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Becoming A Pioneer- A Book Series: The Month-by-Month Guide to Doubling Your Business And Taking Over Your Industry in A Year

Becoming A Pioneer...

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