Biswapriyo Bandopadhyay

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Myself Biswapriyo Bandopadhyay, owner of Orange Publishers. When it comes to a book publishing house in India that is reputed and has a premium reach and reputation, nothing comes close to Orange Publishers, with our world-renowned efficiency and ease of publishing. Self-publishing of books is for the bold and the brave and the perfectionists who like to be hands-on about their works, as being among the best book publishing companies in India, Orange Publishers work hand-in-hand with their clients to make the author’s dream a reality. The stellar results speak for themselves about the consistent service we provide, the satisfaction we bring to our clients and aim for nothing but the best because at orange our range is a no-compromise policy where we aim for only and only the best. Come be a part of this elite community of authors that have chosen to grace their books with “published by Orange Publishers”.