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“Something wicked is happening in Thaumopolis, The City of Wizards. Salrik Strongbow, infamously known as a drunken tough-guy as much as he is for being the only orc detective in the city, finds himself in the center of a harrowing plot. Someone has been abducting young wizards. Kaari Rothenbach, the first orc to be accepted to a big name magic school, has gone missing. And shortly after, the niece of a big time ratman mob boss as well as the sister of Lillian Northup (a reporter for the Tribune) have also mysteriously disappeared. With his partners, the cordial skeleton Rasomil Knotrum and the hyperactive goblin Sneebly, they traverse the twists and turns of The Magical City’s underground and beyond in a race against time to uncover the nefarious… THE WIZARD-THIEVES!”