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Cami Calvin loves happily-ever-after romance stories, small-town Southern beaches, her kiddos, and her hubby who puts up with all her wild projects! She loves to develop bad-boy male characters who fall hard for their strong, spunky women in crazy situations with steam rising from the pages! Ruby, the boxer furry friend, spends all day in Cami’s office lounging on the daybed and helping dream up the next great story. Join Cami’s newsletter to keep up to date on her latest releases:
Bad Boy Grump:  Enemies to Lovers Age Gap Romance

Bad Boy Grump: Enemies to Lovers Age Gap Romance

Falling for my enemy is the worst mistake I could make. Especially when my family inheritance is on the line. My dad left me with a mountain of money and trouble. This “gift” put me in the crosshairs of billionaires and thugs. The only one who can save me is Ryan Woods. He’s a slick billionaire lawyer and 10 years older than me. But I can’t tell if this grumpy bad boy is trying to protect me or take what is mine. Intoxicated by his charm, I let him comfort me a little too much on the sailboat. It wasn’t just the waves rocking the boat that night. Now he has me wrapped around his finger and he knows it. He knows secrets about my family I had no idea existed. I want answers and he’s the only one who can give them to me. I want to be wrapped in his huge protective arms again. But I know I’m treading in dangerous territory. I have too much at stake to fall for this sly silver fox…